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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


*Visio and Project are not included in the ISO

 Here are the link to office 2013 pro plus retail edition.

Now you would ask on how to activate them. What you need is activator from CODYQX4 at MDL forum.

Link here: 4 Shared  password if any: jerung

Requirement to run the activator :
You need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5(not 3.5)
If you are running OS Window 7 and below(vista,xp)  just download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5(not 3.5) 
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 download link
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 download link

Install any of this first before you proceed.

Next, you need to change the retail edition to Volume License (VL). The activator only work on Volume license Office . No need to worry, the activator also comes with the retail to VL converter. 

Run the activator.Click on the office icon as shown below.

 Switch to Customize Setup Extract Setup

 browse to your download folder and select Office ISO (*.iso)

 Chose your ISO you want to install in your pc (I already change the file name)
chose where to extract your file.Make sure to make new folder name whatever you like,eg: Office 2013x86
 Ok next you need to use Set Installer Path button.

 The button Set installer path will ask where you extract your ISO. Go to your extract destination and select the folder you create earlier , Office 2013x86. Select the Setup.exe,Open

Then hit the Change chanel button.Wait few second and you are done, now you have office 2013 Volume License. Just follow the same step, you will change it back to retail edition.

Now you can verify your Volume license here. 
For Window 8 user like me, I like to save the installer in ISO format ( much safe from virus etc). Also if you want to access it just double click and the program will run in virtual DVD for Window 8( can see it on My Computer) , or using Magic ISO for window 7 OS and below.
 Just click Make ISO ,it will ask for file name - give any suitable name and in few second the ISO just appear in your Office 2013x86 folder. Just cut and paste it where you want.

Now Run the Setup.exe (either in the Office 2013x86 or ISO you create)

 Remember not to run Office 2013 (word, excel or any )just for precaution because for the first trial I ran it and put product key there. The remaining days keep decreasing to 29 days and activation fails. But that was when I first install retail edition and use beta activation tool. Just for precautions just lets the activation finished. 

Next go to Activation Tab
 Click  Install. Then Click EZ-Activator . (just hit EZ-Activator only will do )