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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to : Setup a Static IP Address on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Having problems with the Wi-Fi internet on your Samsung Galaxy S4? 
Are you getting an “Obtaining IP address” message but cannot get your 
phone to connect to your home network or router? Setting up a Static 
IP address on your Android Smartphone might be the solution to your 
problem. This article is a step by step guide with pictures showing how to 
setup a Static IP Address on the Samsung Galaxy S4.
This guide can also be used as a reference for other brands of Android 
Smartphones running on Android Version 4.2 Jelly Bean (or similar Android 
OS versions) as well.


Quick Instructions:

Settings > Connections tab > Wi-Fi > Select the Network (hold down) >
 Modify network config > Show advanced options > IP settings > Static > 
Type in desired network information > Save.

Detailed Instructions with Pictures:

Tap the Menu key under the devices display (bottom left).
Tap Settings.
Make sure that the Connections tab is selected (upper left).
Tap Wi-Fi.
Tap and hold the Network that you want to use a Static IP Address on 
until additional options appear on the display.
Note: if you see a “Forget” option then you didn’t hold your finger down on 
the network long enough.
Tap Modify network config.
The phone will display 2 available options. Show password and Show 
advanced options.
Tap Show advanced options.
To adjust your Proxy Settings.
Note: you do not need to change the proxy settings on your phone in
 order to set a static IP address. But I am going to briefly demonstrate
 the process should you choose to do so.
Tap on the Proxy settings option shown, the default is usually set 
to none.
Select Manual.
Scroll down and enter the information for the Proxy you would like your
 phone to use.
To set your static IP Address
Tap IP settings.
DHCP is often the default setting used.
Select Static.
Tap on the fields that you want to edit and set manually.
Type the desired information provided by your ISP (Internet Service 
Click Save.
And you’re Done!


If you are having issues with your Android phone not connecting to a 
wireless network and setting the phone to use a Static IP Address 
doesn’t help solve the problem then I recommend that you try some of
 the suggestions listed at How to Fix the Wi-Fi on an Android Smartphone.


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