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Monday, 29 July 2013

RM663M E-learning Contract Misused To Fund 4G Rollout. Overreaction Or Hidden Agendas?

According to an article by The Malaysian Insider, Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari has revealed that the communications towers that were built in schools for the project were also used for ..
commercial gain in neighbouring areas. What this means is that the 1BestariNet project that is funded by taxpayers and schools as well as supported by the Ministry of Education is also being used to expand YES 4G’s coverage for its consumers. This comes after the prices of the Chromebook that was meant to be provided to schools were called into question as well.
Question is, is YTL in breach of any contracts by using the towers for their network expansion and will it really be that big a deal? YTL director Yeoh Seok Hong was quoted by as saying
“…towers going up at the schools won’t just provide wireless Internet connectivity at the school, but in surrounding areas too”
In essence, YTL haven’t hidden anything in a sense, but is it as bad as the Bukit Bendera MP has said?
What do you think? 1BestariNet project good for the advancement of the nation or too many holes in the plan?

(Source: The Malaysian Insider)